Regulations of the Bulgarian Movement Disorders and Multiple Sclerosis Society (MDMSS)

The Regulations govern the Society’s operations and are in line with the Articles of Incorporation (Statutes). The Regulations were adopted at the meeting of the Board of Directors held on 11 July 2013.
I. Membership.
1. General provisions. The membership candidate shall, in accordance with the MDMSS Articles of Incorporation (Statutes), submit an application to the management which may also be sent via e-mail. The application must include a mailing address, an e-mail address and a telephone number, whether the candidate has acquired any qualification, and current employer.
2. Rights. The rights are determined by the MDMSS Articles of Incorporation (Statutes). Each member shall receive the Society’s journal free of charge. Any member may participate in the scientific events organized by the Society and in the continuous training at preferential conditions. Any member may apply for grants provided by the MDMSS. The regular membership shall be verified by a valid membership card and evidence for paid membership fees.
3. Obligations. Once a healthcare professional is accepted as a member of the MDMSS, they must observe the requirements of the MDMSS Code of Conduct, the Regulations and the Articles of Incorporation (Statutes), and to pay their membership fees. The annual membership fee, determined with a resolution of the General Meeting, shall amount to BGN 20.00. Any member must attend the General Meetings. By the end of the first quarter of a calendar year, any member who has failed to pay their membership fee for all past years since their acceptance, without interruption, shall be considered to be an irregular member. Also, an irregular member shall be any member who consistently fails to attend the General Meetings, without valid reasons. Any irregular member shall lose their rights as a Society member and should apply to be accepted again under the general procedure.
II. Professional growth.
The professional growth of any MDMSS member is a responsibility of the Society. It includes both appropriate training and promotion of candidates for appropriate professional offices, participation in commissions, consulting activity, etc. Promotion shall mean giving reasonable recommendations about the candidate. Therefore, a register of members shall be maintained, including their professional trainings and skills.
III. Printed body.
The Society’s journal shall be entitled “Movement Disorders”. Two issues shall be published each year. The editorial board shall be nominated by the Board of Directors. Any published material should be reviewed. The journal shall be circulated with no charge for the members of the Society.
IV. Electronic media.
MDMSS shall maintain a website which shall be updated on a monthly basis. The MDMSS Articles of Incorporation (Statutes), the Regulations, the Code of Conduct, a list of all managers and members of the Society shall be published on the website. Also, a list of the scientific events in Bulgaria and abroad form which the MDMSS may be granted funds shall also be made available on the website. All news concerning the Society members shall be communicated.
V. Scientific events.
The MDMSS shall hold national and regional congresses, conferences and symposia. The chairperson of the organizing committee of such events shall be the President of the Society. The members of the organizing committee shall be nominated by the Board of Directors. The topics shall be chosen at the meetings of the Board of Directors.
The selection of a company to handle the technical organization of a national congress or conference shall be approved by the Board of Directors.
VI. Continuous training.
- Organizing scientific events. Scientific events shall be held under the auspices of the Society following the approval of the scientific program and speakers in accordance with the Code of Conduct. For this purpose, a written application shall be submitted (also via e-mail) to the Board of Directors by enclosing the program and lectures.
For the review of documents and use of the Society logo, a fee shall be paid as determined by the Board of Directors depending on the significance and duration of the scientific event.
The lectors shall be paid by the pharmaceutical companies for the preparation and delivery of their lectures which shall be agreed in a contract in accordance with a signed agreement.
The lectors shall be paid for the preparation and delivery of their lectures as ordered by the Society to the amount determined by the Board of Directors.
- Providing grants by the MDMSS for participation in scientific events. Grants shall be provided for participation in scientific events which have been approved by the MDMSS. Grants shall be provided to regular MDMSS members only.
VII. Representation.
Statements on behalf of the Society may be made by its President only or his designee. All issues shall be discussed at meetings of the Board of Directors. Such meetings may be held by means of telephone or video conference connection where it is impossible to gather all members of the Board of Directors together.
The correspondence of the Society shall be made on letterhead papers of the Society only, bearing the signature of the President and the official seal of the Society.
VIII. Ethics.
All relationships within and outside the Society shall be in strict compliance with the Code of Conduct. An ethics committee of three members shall be selected to control this compliance and report to the Board of Directors any violations and propose sanctions.
IX. Subsidiary bodies.
For the implementation of its operations, the Board of Directors shall select an editorial board, an ethics committee and a technical assistant.

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