Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct was adopted at a meeting of the Society’s Board of Directors held on 11 June 2013. The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to govern the relations among the members within the Society and the relations of the Society with other organizations and institutions. The acceptance of and compliance with the Code of Conduct is an obligatory condition for MDMSS membership and no member shall violate the provisions and spirit of the Code of Conduct. Besides the Code of Conduct, any member of the Society shall also comply with the Doctors’ Professional Code of Conduct adopted by the Bulgarian Medical Association.

The organization of training, professional growth and protection of interests of the Society members are the main priorities of the MDMSS.

I. Training of healthcare professionals who are members of the Society shall be delivered under the control, auspices and logo of the MDMSS. The Code of Conduct does not cover any individual training events of pharmaceutical companies held without the control of the MDMSS. The pharmaceutical companies are encouraged to organize promotional, scientific, training or professional events, congresses, conferences, symposia and other events of similar nature for the MDMSS members, with the participation of and under the control of the MDMSS, in order to ensure the provision of quality, update and objective information. Also, the Code of Conduct does not refer to the continuous training delivered under the auspices of the Bulgarian Medical Association.
1. Training can be delivered in the form of lectures, round tables, discussions, talks, articles in scientific and mass magazines and newspapers, radio and television shows, Internet and other forms. In order to organize training under the auspices of the MDMSS it should meet some certain requirements:
2. The training shall be delivered by speakers approved by the Board of Directors of the Society.
3. The topics of the lectures to be delivered shall be related with their scientific or practical activity and interests.
4. No pressure can be applied on speakers in terms of disclosing or concealing scientific facts.
5. The scientific program shall be approved by the Board of Directors of the Society in case it meets certain criteria:
- Contains affirmed and updated scientifically confirmed information,
- Lectures reflect the speaker’s view on certain issues in line with the scientific information. They may not contain suggestions made by pharmaceutical companies for which no clear scientific argumentation is available. The speaker is responsible for the disclosed data,
- Does not contain any direct advertising of medicinal products, equipment or manufacturing companies,
- Does not refer to any products that are not permitted in Bulgaria or any treatment indication which is not included in the Summary Product Characteristics,
- The training materials used do not contain the logo of the manufacturing company,
- It cannot be assumed that the lectures are any advertising or promotional material and as such they are not subject to control by the scientific units of companies,
- The lecture materials may not be inspected, controlled or amended in any way whatsoever by the manufacturing companies.
6. The venue for lecture delivery should be approved by the Board of Directors of the Society and meet certain criteria:
- The lectures shall be delivered in rooms/halls equipped with audiovisual technique,
- The venue may not be in restaurants or public houses lacking suitable conditions for lecture delivery,
- The venue may not be in places derogatory to the public reputation of the participants.
7. Participation in congresses, conferences and other scientific events in the country and abroad shall be considered to be part of the training of neurologists. Therefore, they may accept sponsorships from pharmaceutical companies. The pharmaceutical companies may provide grants to the MDMSS for the participation of its members in scientific events recommended by the MDMSS.
- The MDMSS grants shall be provided to members of the Society approved by the Board of Directors based on the qualification of doctors,
- When pharmaceutical companies are direct sponsors of neurologists for their participation in scientific events, without the Society being involved, it is recommended that the pharmaceutical companies inform the MDMSS about the sponsored participants. It is desirable that the following requirements are met:
- The sponsor may not require that the healthcare professional be obliged to prescribe or encourage prescribing of a certain medicinal product in exchange for sponsorship.
- The sponsor should not place the sponsored person in any degrading traveling or accommodation conditions.
8. Meetings with medical representatives shall not be considered to be part of the training of doctors. Such meetings may be held if certain requirements are met:
- The requests for holding a meeting of the healthcare professional, and the internal rules of the institution, should be respected by the medical representatives,
- Medical representatives may not convince the healthcare professional of the advantages of their product without the use of reliable scientific data.
- Medical representatives may not encourage healthcare professionals to prescribe certain medical products in exchange for material gains,
- It is recommended that these meetings are held during non-business hours of the healthcare professional and outside the institution.

II. Protection of Interest

MDMSS promotes ethical and solidary relations among its members and the respective attitude of all external institutions and associations, and means of mass information to the members of the Society. Any derogative or disgraceful allegations about the operation, personal or official status of the Society members shall not be considered to be ethical. In the event of personal dispute of professional or any other nature between members of the Society, they should make all reasonable efforts to settle the dispute in a solidary manner. In case of failure they should seek the help of the MDMSS.

The professional and financial interests of the MDMSS members should be protected by the Board of Directors before all institutions.

In the event of any violation of this Code of Conduct, the Board of Directors of the Society shall notify the respective Ethics Committee and the Ethics Committee of the MDMSS. The established violations shall be published on the MDMSS’s website.

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